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Arexpo s.p.a. was created in 2011 and charged with the mission to acquire the land for the Universal Exposition 2015 in Milan. The company is currently responsible for crafting and delivering the strategic vision for the creation of a state-of-the-art international level Science, Knowledge and Innovation Park, a brand new smart community fully integrated with the city centre. Arexpo’s shareholders are mainly public-sector institutions: the Italian Government (39,28%), Lombardia Regional Government (21,05%), Municipality of Milan (21,05%), Fondazione Fiera Milano (16,80%), Città Metropolitana di Milano (1.21%) and Municipality of Rho (0,61%). The share capital of Arexpo s.p.a. is approximately euro 100 million. The company has successfully closed the public tender procedure to identify the private partner (Lendlease) for the transformation of the whole area and now is working on the selected Masterplan. In the meantime, Arexpo is carrying out the temporary operation of the site, namely “EXPerience Park”, which is hosting a variety of events and shows of different formats attracting over 500,000 visitors since 2016.



Arexpo aims to create, in Milan, an iconic, state-of-the-art scientific and technology park into the area that hosted the Universal Exposition in 2015. The project represents once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an entire, integrated and unified redesign of a strategic area which will become a new part of the city of Milan. The park will be a hub open to the world, hosting private and public institutions in the fields of Life Sciences/Healthcare, Biotech/Pharma, Agri-food/Nutrition, and Data Science/Big Data. A state-of-the-art innovation ecosystem that will be a catalyst for responsible socio-economic growth.

Total area: 1,048,000 sqm

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