AttrACT Program, the first 13 Attractiveness Agreements were signed

AttrACT, a proactive community created by Regione Lombardia, Unioncamere Lombardia and the 56 eligible Lombardy Municipalities, is considered one of the most innovative, not to say unique, public policies in Italy. Its goals are to enhance the territorial offer of Lombardy, to promote available investment opportunities and to create aggregation paths among the main stakeholders of the territory.

Equipped with the online platform, a useful tool for companies chasing settlement opportunities in Lombardy, the program includes more than 100 areas belonging to the industrial, office, hospitality and logistic reference sectors, for a total gross internal area of 2 million sqm and a total gross floor area of 300.000 sqm available for investors.

Until now, 13 municipalities undersigned the Attractiveness Agreements with Regione Lombardia: Casteggio; Clusone, with its fifteenth century Convent perfect for investments in touristic activities; Cremona, first municipality in terms of settlement opportunities displayed, 10; Mediglia, that hosts the second largest brownfield area of the program (with total GFA over 23,000 sqm); Pavone del Mella; Quistello; Sabbioneta (UNESCO site) a well-known touristic destination, with opportunities concerning villas and historical buildings; and eventually San Benedetto Po’, San Giorgio di Mantova, Tirano, Val Brembilla, Verano Brianza and Voghera.

AttrACT is bringing a cultural change that is coming over the Public Administration and is aiming to build a clear context for companies wishing to invest in Lombardy.

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