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Beni Stabili is the leading property player in the Italian real estate market with total assets of about 4bn euro. Our assets portfolio is focused in Milan and consists mainly of green, smart and innovatve offices. We pursue the appreciation of our assets to increase profitability and create value for our clients, partners and shareholders. As a major player in office investment and development, we foster pioneering solutions to improve the environmental performance of our buildings for the well-being of our clients’ employees. Beni Stabili is listed on the Milan and Paris Stock Exchanges and operates through its main offices of Milan and Rome. Beni Stabili belongs to the Foncière des Régions group, a leading real estate player in Europe who owns and and manages a 21bn euro portfolio.


The Sign is an important development project that is requalifying an over 25,000 sqm former industrial area very well connected to the city center. A synergy of architecture and cutting-edge green technology shapes a new Platinum Leed certified office complex focused on smartworking and coworking. The façades are characterized by golden strips which alternate with the glass transparencies and continue in the paving of the Smart Square, a place which connects the area to the surroundings. 

Total area:  25,400 sqm (GLA)
Office: 25,400 sqm (GLA)

Architects: Progetto CMR – Massimo Roj Architects

Beni Stabili


Symbiosis is a landmark development project that is requalifying an over 110,000 sqm hystoric industrial area into an innovative Platinum Leed certified business district focused on smart working and coworking. The project has unique architectural features and it is adjacent to several dynamic new business ventures that foster an ideal equilibrium between productivity, efficiency, flexibility and quality of life also through extensive use of green technologies and selfproducing energy solutions. 

Total area: 110,000 sqm (GLA)
Office: 110,000 sqm (GLA)

Architects: Citterio-Viel and Partners

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