Christmas time in Lombardy Region

 In Mipim

Thousands of lights on the streets, music in the air, opened local markets, decorated trees…it’s almost Christmas!

Around 6.3 million foreign tourists are traveling to Italy over Christmas holidays and Milan likely will confirm its position as the top destination for shopping tourism. December is the month during which Milan reveals all its shades: it is at the same time possible to discover unknown areas of the city and to chance again upon the most celebrated sights, but especially it is the month of shopping.

Milan is Italy’s leading city in regards to shopping tourism. According to Risposte Turismo, over 15 percent of tourists chose the city for its shopping opportunities.

The tourists interviewed spent around €121 per day on shopping alone, not counting their other expenses like travel, eating, and accommodation.  Statistics affirmed that this sector brings €610 million annually to Lombardy Region.

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