City of Milan


Milano 2030:
Building today the city of tomorrow

Milan in 2030 will be a metropolitan city, where urban development, mobility and the environment coexist.
Milan will be an attractive city, able to capture the historical opportunity of urban transformation – from the post-Expo to the railway stations – to develop new centers, public transport infrastructures and services that strengthen its international reputation.
A productive city, a place of opportunity and excellencies – from design to fashion – as well as a place of experimentation of new urban economies, allowing anyone to emancipate themselves through work.
A university city, able to combine research and urban development, investing in education to attract young talents and increasing the provision of temporary housing services.
An innovative city, able to transform itself efficiently, testing simplified processes and experimenting with avant-garde projects, where time is a value.
A resilient city, enhancing its resources – starting from its water network and the Navigli – to respond to the rapid and impactful climate change.
An inclusive city, which goes ahead without leaving anyone behind, investing – and attracting investments – in the centrality of its neighborhoods, able to provide adequate houses and services adapted to emerging needs by increasing the offer of rental availability.
A livable, child-friendly city which takes care of life in public spaces, enhancing walkability and ground floor activities, to encourage the development of local trade as an urban quality factor.
An ecological city, able to regenerate and reinvent itself without consuming further soil, reusing, renewing and re-naturalizing the existing city, increasing, consolidating and connecting the green areas to the development of a great metropolitan park.
This is not only the city we are planning, but the one we are working for.
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