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FS Sistemi Urbani is the in–house company of  Ferrovie dello Stato Italian Group, in charge of transformation of disused railways yards, no more functional to railway operations in new urban districts, in particular on assets close to railway stations, intermodal hubs and transport infrastructures based on the principles of business, rationalization, functional improvement and community service. Among the several real estate activities and service activities there are:
the study, the promotion, the realization and the management of  real estate development processes (in particular referred to stations, infrastructures hubs, available assets on behalf of the company of Group FS Italiane);
the development of the connected activities to parking lots and the areas for the stop of any kind of transport;
the management and maintenance of areas and buildings to public and private use; the promotion of programs of transport intermodality and development of projects for the enhancement of the service industry of economic and social importance.


Seven disused railway yards, for a total surface area of 1,000,000 sqm, located just around the city center of Milan, have been transformed from railways destinations to urban destinations: residential districts, retail spaces, office spaces, housing, green areas. The seven yards are different for dimensions (from 400,000 sqm of Farini to 20,000 sqm of Rogoredo), but they all distinguish for train and subway accessibility. Infact their accessibility is easy for the proximity of railway stations and subways station. They also can contribute to the connection of parts of the city that have been separated by the railway. These seven underused railway yards are a part of a strategic regeneration plan, regulated by an Agreement among the City of Milan, Regione Lombardia and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane – the National Railway Company, owner of the property areas. This concerns the reallocation of economic revenues from the development operation to improve the railway service in the Milan hub and the creation of a “Circle-Line”.

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