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InvestiRE SGR, since 2002, is a leading Italian RE asset manager with a primary focus on long term institutional investors. InvestiRE currently manages a portfolio of approx. €7.5 bn AuM through 43 funds (including 3 listed funds), in 2 office locations (Milan & Rome), with a total head count of c. 140 professionals. InvestiRE represents more than 200 institutional investors (national and international) and is active in more than 200 municipalities, having developed a widespread network of relationships throughout the whole Italian territory. InvestiRE is your partner of choice in the Italian real estate industry thanks to its successful track record in the fund & asset management sector and longstanding expertise in all phases of the development process


The project predicts the realization of 11 high-tech and environmental friendly tower buildings (690 units) developed in 2 phases:
Phase 1
7 buildings (397 units), completed in Feb-15, have been used during Expo2015 to welcome the representatives of the international delegations. Ended the fair, the buildings have been renovated – both in private part and common spaces – and the units are now offered for long-term rent or in direct sale.
Phase 2
4 buildings (293 units), to be developed during next years.

Total area: 87,200 sqm
Residential: 87,200 sqm



Available beds in the Milan’s universities campus are inadequate to absorb the high number of requests for a living arrangement.
InvestiRE, with the Student Housing Project, focuses its attention on the phenomenon, with 6 University Campus, built or under development, in Milan.
Since 2015, has already realized c. 800 beds (c. 25,800 sqm), and are under construction additional c. 600 beds (c. 20,500 sqm). Moreover, InvestiRE is developing other 3 projects (c. 600 beds) in other Italian regions.


Total area: 46,300 sqm in Milan (+ 21.300 in other Italian regions)
Student housing: 46,300 sqm

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