Is your building feeling WELL today?

If you try to search on the net for some of the most commonly known sustainability certifications, like LEED and BREEAM, you are likely to come out with tens of millions of results. This proves how much – growing – attention sustainability has gained over the years.

There has been a constant progress in the way these certifications work and in the project typologies covered, yet their focus stays the same: evaluating the performance of a building and its environmental footprint. What if we take a step further, measuring also the well-being of people who will use the buildings?

According to researchers, the indoor environment does actually affect the way people work, interact and behave. This is the founding principle of a recently introduced certification, the WELL system, which specifically evaluates the quality of indoor environment by taking into consideration seven core points: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. The WELL certification promotes environments designed around the needs and expectations of final users, to enhance the quality of the experience of these spaces.

The system is slowly making its way in Italy too. In Milan, one of the first office buildings designed according to the WELL guidelines will be Spark One, the new corporate complex designed by Progetto CMR for In Town joint venture. The new offices will set a new standard for this category of buildings: spaces where enhancing well-being is the first and foremost target, spaces that inspire people and that boost their creativity.

The “revolution” of workplaces has begun!

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