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A leading group on the Italian architecture and engineering scene. It operates internationally as a service company ready to help investors through five brands: L22, specialising in architectural design and engineering with its own urban & building, retail, and engineering & sustainability business units; DEGW, a leading company in strategic consultancy about work methods and interaction between physical space and corporate performance; FUD Brand Making Factory, focusing on physical branding and communication design; CAP DC focusing on Data Centers and Eclectic Centers for hospitality projects. Lombardini22 is now a laboratory employing over 180 people, a dynamic and creative workplace which is the third-ranked architecture firm in Italy in terms of turnover.



S32 Fintech District is a new ecosystem designed to represent the Italian Fintech Community and to help it grow along international lines, promoting cooperation and business partnerships between the various players in the industry (businesses, financial institutions and fintech bodies).The design approach is based around a very cutting-edge vision in which maximising the efficiency and flexibility of this future office space is combined with an innovative facade design, smoothly flowing spaces, and views from the inside towards the outside and vice-versa.

Total area: 6,000 sqm
Office: 6,000 sqm


The center – powered by Generali Real Estate – sets 4 office buildings around a 9,000 sqm commercial area and an approximately 5,600 sqm tower block serving hospitality purposes. The center, aimed at enhancing a strategic area where development is in full swing in the south-east of Milan, stands out for its sheltered, welcoming spaces. The access routes to the area are furbished with public spaces and congregation areas: the entrance along via Manzù is an inner-city square designed to facilitate links with the neighbourhood and provide a place for socialising. The business-commercial areas, which share the outdoor public spaces, feature the same stylistic language: materials, interaction between building masses, transparency and urban landscaping will interact to convey a sense of welcome and openness to the outside.

Total area: 46,300 sqm
Commercial/Retail: 3,600 sqm
Office: 42,700 sqm

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