Lombardy Region: Italian land of business

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Lombardy is one of the wealthier regions in Europe and even if the Italian economy has been seriously affected by the world economic crisis; the GDP PPS per capita of Lombardy ranks still among the highest in the eurozone.

Economic diversity, demand for local products and business oriented towards export have made possible for Lombardy to remain resilient in spite of the global recession. According to the OECD report regional unemployment is relatively low in comparison to many other countries.

Lombardy is acknowledged as an outstanding center of cultural industries, specialized in design and architecture, advertising, art shows and theatre. The region is the 3rd, in Europe, for the number of employees in this sector.

In general, the economy of Lombardy is characterized by a wide variety of industries: from traditional sectors, such as agriculture and livestock to heavy and light industries. Recently a strong development in services has also been registered.

With 22% of the national GDP, the highest in Italy, Lombardy is undoubtfully an attractive area for many investors.

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