Milan: The Functional City

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Recently the local government has been working together with Bloomberg Associates to significantly green the metropolitan peripheries of the city.
Milan is part of the 100 Resilient Cities by the Rockefeller Foundation, developing strategies to better handle extreme weather conditions.

March 2018 Comune di Milano participated in the global C40 Reinventing Cities competition with the aim of connecting local stakeholders and international experts to urban challenges in the city. All of this happily coincides with the development of Plan 2030 – the new urban agenda for Milan that will be published shortly for public feedback.
Such forward oriented projects are not exclusively happening in the urban realm. The new campus for the prestigious Bocconi University, designed by the Japanese architecture firm Sanaa, is definitely a mark for Milan. Politecnico di Milano shows that it is an increasingly progressive international school, for example in its recently announced partnership with the Chinese top university Tshingua. The urban campus, indeed, is a methodology that places the university at the centre of urban regeneration and at the heart of urban life. It fully blends living, working and learning spaces – steering clear of the suburban university and mono functional residential neighborhoods. The urban campus cherishes industrial heritage and aims to root innovation in more than flashy branding.

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