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Progetto CRM is an architectural practice specializing in integrated design established in 1994 to deliver versatile, efficient, sustainable architecture by applying a methodology based on the analysis of client’s needs. The practice is headquartered in Milan and has offices in Rome, Athens, Bahrain, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul, Jakarta, Moscow, Prague, Singapore, Tianjin. Since 2010, Progetto CMR has been listed among the top 100 worldwide architecture firms, according to the “BD World Architecture Top 100“ classification. A member of EAN European Architects Network, the company is organized in three departments: Architecture (Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Design and Urban Planning), Engineering and Design.

Progetto CMR


De Castillia 23 gives life back to a building left unfinished for many years, returning Milan an innovative and cutting-edge place. Two buildings of 53 and 15 metres in height resolved by an innovative and dynamic façade, where the absolute protagonists are the “emptiness” of the glass and the “fullness” of the cladding. A turning-key element of the project lies in its technical and engineering innovation, which turns the building into a vivid example of green architecture, a “smog-eating” building that will cut as much CO2 as 122.000 sqm of green area.

Total area: 11,500 sqm
Office: 185,000 sqm (GLA)

Client: UnipolSai


Comfort and environmental quality for the new  cutting-edge logistics hub at Milan Malpensa airport.  The project is developed on these concepts, giving life to stimulating, vibrant and comfortable environments: great attention has been given to the environmental conditions of all the work spaces, including those dedicated to logistics. Operational spaces and administrative offices are located around the “Connector” area, a square conceived to stimulate communication and exchange ideas, connecting different departments, and also guarantee moments of relax.

Total area: 53,420 sqm
Office: 7,100 sqm
Logistic/distribution: 22,360 sqm
External areas: 32,420 sqm


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