The New Green Milan

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Milan is a city that many people associate with the adjective ‘grey’. For this reason, one of its main purposes is to shift green: planting 3 million new trees by 2030.

According to Milan officials estimations, this program will boost the number of trees by 30 percent in the metropolitan area, bringing a reduction of 2C of temperature.

Damiano Di Simine, scientific coordinator in Lombardy for the environmental group Legambiente, underlined how the biggest impact of the green Milan project will be the lowered temperatures in an area where the night-time temperature can achieve 6C (10.8F) higher than in the surrounding area.

Some specific projects have already contributed to environmental improvements. The most well-known is Bosco Verticale, designed by Architect Boeri. The two famous residential towers covered by vegetation made with the aim to promote biodiversity, reduce the urban heat island effect, filter air pollution, absorb carbon dioxide and naturally regulate the buildings’ interior temperature. According to the architect, the total amount of vegetation is equal 20,000 square meters of forest.

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