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The Company

Unipol Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Europe with total premiums of roughly €12.3bn, of which €7.9bn in Non-Life and €4.4bn in Life (figures from 2017). Unipol is also active in direct car insurance, in banking and in important diversified activities in the real estate, hospitality, and agriculture sectors. In particular, in the real estate area, it manages a portfolio of nearly 4.1 billion euros. Urban Up is a project developed by Unipol Group and dedicated to the real estate redevelopment of the buildings it owns and aimed at enhancing some of the most important assets of Italian architecture. Urban Up was initiated in the city of Milan and now continues in the major Italian cities.


The project foresees the construction of a tower block with 23 overground and 3 underground floors for a total height of about 100 meters. The elliptical base is placed in a highly-built context, while the façade, designed with a web geometry in steel covered in wood and glass, wants to represent the values of sustainability, performance and wellbeing. The tower will host retail spaces, a large auditorium, offices and, on the top, a panoramic greenhouse which becomes a space for microclimate moderation.

Total area: 36,500 sqm
Office: 28,000 sqm
Parking: 8,500 sqm

Unipol Spa


Designed by architect Melchiorre Bega, the GalFa Tower was constructed between 1956 and 1959. The renovation project foresees the preservation of the tower’s image while highlighting its peculiarity. The front will host a crystal cube with an elevator to access the retail areas, and in the back there will be the entrance of the apartments and the restaurant. GalFa will become a multi-functional building with a business hotel (Melià Group), apartments in the higher floors, as well as a rooftop hosting a restaurant bar.

Total area: 24,750 sqm
Hospitality/entertainment: 11,900 sqm
Residential:  12,000 sqm
Gym: 850 sqm

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