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June Few traditions are as rooted to the Finnish way of life as the sauna experience. So much, in fact, that most hotels have them even if they are North of the Arctic Circlewhere I also experienced one and even families tend to have one in their homes, when they can.

First things first: Finnish public nude saunas in spas and swimming halls are gender separated. This means that while the same swimming hall or sauna is open to both genders, they will not be in the sauna at the same time. Public saunas by the lake tend to be mixed, but everyone wears swimming suits. There is, however, one exception, which you can learn more about here. Thus if you were hoping to find something like in the picture above, keep dreaming. If you want to learn more about what to expect in a Finnish sauna continue reading, otherwise you may want to read about other things I learned while visiting Finland.

Unlike in most places, public saunas in Finland are not just about heat and humidity, but are more of a social event where strangers and friends come together to discuss whatever is finland nudes or not at the time. Anticipating a possible fee for borrowing a towel I grabbed one from my hotel and walked to the hall, and after some trouble found it hidden in a little alley- I expected to find a finland nudes which apparently does not exist. The 90 year old swimming hall. The saunas are on the right and left sides at the end of the pool.

Once I found it I stepped into an old, dark wooden room- it did not even feel right. As I made my way to the sauna I realized that unlike what I had expected, all swimmers were by themselves and not socializing, swimming back and forth in their lanes- butt naked.

The sauna was a little bit of the same. There are two saunas, one slightly hotter than the other, and each had about 5 -8 males sweating and letting time go by, no discussions or friendly conversations as I had been told is the norm. After about ten minutes I went to the pool and swam a few laps, and made my way back to the sauna. I repeated the process two or three times, and after about 30 minutes later I had had enough; I currently live in the tropics and preferred the cold weather outside than the steam in the hall.

Finland nudes mixed sauna in Finland follows the same unwritten rules, which do differ from those in other countries. These tips will help you understand what Finnish sauna culture is like. Been there, done that. It was not as interesting as I had thought it would be, or as entertaining as my improvised sauna session a few days before in Inari, where I did have some fun and beers with a few locals excited about speaking with a traveler who was North of the Arctic Circle at that time of the year.

Perhaps a sauna experience in a nice hotel is something entirely different? It may have been this Helsinki public sauna in itself as I had heard that there is another popular sauna. Required fields are marked. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Will we ever agree on anything?

Finland nudes

Yes, Kids. I went to a very nice place in Baden Baden, Germany. There were pools and sauna and two different areas. One was for couples and families and you have to wear bath clothes and other area for adults and mandatory nude. In this part the people did not socialize at all with others and the silence seems to be a cemetery.

The place was the Caracalla terms and the organization was ten points. Thanks for sharing your experience Nestor! From what I know saunas and bath houses in Germany are not as popular as in Finland though, right? Hey Tyty, I guess you are right, though they do market it as a sauna as well…and they do have them. It was an interesting experience nevertheless! Thanks for dropping by! Finland nudes has also three different saunas which is special for a Finn, and some other services, too.

But it also does have a bit of a reputation of being popular among the gay population, so the regular straight, slightly older clientele might be a bit warier maybe especially when it comes to foreigners who may or may not understand the Finnish sauna culture. Hey Tity, thanks for dropping by and sharing this info. I saw the finland nudes hall being mentioned everywhere not only because of the sauna and swimming experience, but because of the architecture as well, and was not aware of that reputation though everyone seemed to mined their own business …thanks for this other recommendation!

Although, I must admit that it being single sex would actually make me more uncomfortable I think. I recently got to enjoy some natural hot springs in Ecuador that your story kind of reminds me of. It was interesting, but after 20 minutes I was board.

I hear you, as you read I found it kind of boring too. I guess since I spend a lot of time in the ocean a pool is not that exciting…thanks for dropping by Jason! Though I do understand that after a year in cold weather and fully clothed they enjoy the freedom…. Still kinda curious about the sauna culture.

The reserved Southerner in me had a hard time with this the first time I was in Finland and Estonia!

Finland nudes

In the end, I think I just wrapped a towel around me…. Haha…I understand you. An interesting read! There was only me and my friend there and she had no problem letting it all hang out. I absolutely loved my trip to the Hammam in Turkey, which is the only experience I have that would compare to this. A couple of weeks later I was also in a Hammam in Morocco… a different experience but unique as well.

Finland nudes

Yup, I have the feeling too it had to do with the place itself…. An honest review! I also would think this could be great if done on a regular basis, although honestly, not by me. Shedding clothes in a locker or sauna? For an athletic finland nudes Not for me! Share 0. Tweet 0. If not, will often visit the closest one for a good dose of extreme heat and humidity. Drop Your Inhibitions- and Clothes Once I found it I stepped into an old, dark wooden room- it did not even feel right.

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Finland nudes

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