Male lactation fetish

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Install the app. Male lactation item. Thread starter Crimsom Start date Feb 23, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Crimsom Active Member. Oct 5, 38 2 I straight up want this to exist. So can anyone point me to the stuff I'll need to write a variant of? Additional help in a projection of size would be nice, male lactation fetish well as any ideas for where this should be sold and names for the final product.

Certain items probably betting gush would for sure remove the perk, as well as talking enough breast growth items. Otherwise perk causes breasts to shrink after every TF from regular TF items, and makes the game ignore some flags about lactating. Such as making breasts swell as time passes, and increasing the storage of milk without having breasts not as much as having them but the production should be higher than normal.

Male lactation fetish

Might additionally prevent one from stop lactating unless certain TFs are used. Definitely will with other perks like Milky, Treated Milk, and Honeypot. Lashcharge Well-Known Member. Aug 27, I've seen this fetish on some muscle bound dudes. I don't really get it, but okay.

Lashcharge said:. Click to expand Crimsom said:. I mean, if I used is on the characters I usually make, then it'd do that. I mostly want this because I dislike large breast in general, but an item that makes breasts not swell from milk is too niche.

Male lactation fetish

But yeah, very fetishy, but not the invasive kind. Mostly since it'd be an item. Might work as a Sera secret item in the starting space station with a name. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, Probably somewhere else. Sera has already lot of stuff. There is the Musk and Muscle but that also has lots of stuff already. PyrateHyena Well-Known Member. Oct 13, So this is not intended male only, right? I also like small breasts on femalesbut do have the problem of a small lactation fetish again females or herms.

Have my problems with it being sold on New Texas though. Isn't "Giant Boobs that give Milk" the second verse of the planetary anthem? Well Musk and Muscle is already submitted, it only needs someone to code it in. If you want to write it, you could check a few examples, I helped format Musk and Muscle and you can always check Couch submission pile for more examples. EDIT: I could also help by checking it later when it's done. PyrateHyena said:. Just wanted to make sure xD You've surely earned my interest. Male lactation fetish Member. Oct 12, 8 0. Why have it make breasts entirely flat though and not just flatter?

Male lactation fetish

It would make it much more useful to female pcs who want to lactate without growing gigantic udders. And I would think most people who want their male pcs to lactate start out flat anyway. Nacht said:. I legitimately do not know of an item that starts lactation without inflating breasts. The closest is lactaid, but just lactating causes breast growth over time. I also sort of eluded to it in the original male lactation fetish, but I meant that the item would lower breast size After causing lactation before granting the perk.

I don't want people to have to buy 6 of the item though. Maybe an effect over time, like semen's friend would be better? It has extra effects if you double the dose. Milkman Well-Known Member. Aug 28, Heh I think JDeko has been asking for an item like this for a long time now. Might be best to approach it as an item that increases the capacity a chest can store before breasts start expanding. An item that just increase chest capacity would be something else entirely.

What I'm proposing is geared more towards traps and such. Otherwise it'd really have to be expensive or difficult to obtain. Corivas Well-Known Member. Aug 29, 0. It all depends on the item itself. Could go for like I sort of mentioned earlier something like the semen's friend, a hour effect that has extra effects if you eat multiple before the effect wears off. This item is male lactation fetish yeah. So maybe you should make something like this: If consumed once increases lactation capacity. Consume another soon after decreases chest size and increases lactation capacity.

Consume a third one soon after gives a park that locks breast size. I think I'd be unfair to have such easy access to an item that straight up does 1 thing. Things can reduce chest size and others can increase lactation capacity. I'd say it should do both on this item default. Also triple dosing seems like it's too much. It does depend on the price but if the main appeal was the perk not saying it is and it costed credits, you'd have to spend over for a chance at it.

I would like to hear suggestions for names and other effects too though. I'm well aware of my limits, so I wouldn't do anything as drastic as a boob deer.

Male lactation fetish

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