Mistress and pet

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Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. You must be into beastility human sex and puplic sex. This is only for my pleasure to use you for this. My husband will not be your Master. You will not talk with him unless he asks you something. You will only talk with me. You must have your own place to stay. We are a very sexual couple mistress and pet only want someone to play with us when I feel fit.

You must also like to have 3 somes with me and my husband or me with another male or female. I do at times only submit to my husband. We like our alone time so therefore you will not be with us all the time. If you are with us at the time we are going to log off you will be asked to leave. Our times are 6pm slt to 8pm slt. Thank you. Well, I have heard of most perversions but I have never come across "puplic sex" before. Exactly what does it entail? Is it like "tantric sex" perhaps?

I also would extrapolate from your use of the word "beastility" that you might think "hostility" is sex with whores Seems there will always be angry little boys like LlazarusLlong here. Live in mom's basement and their joy in life is critisizing every misspelled word or any other mistake someone makes.

I feel sorry for little boys like this. Would really suck to go thru life as miserable as you must be. You and all of your knowledge. All of your 3 months in sl. All anyone has to do to see what kind of sick human you are is to look at your photos you have posted.

Mistress and pet

Someone that puts a picture of a dead cat floating in water needs help. Lots of it. I only use one name. Get your mom or someone older to read my name slowly for you.

Mistress and pet

Maybe that will help. Its idiots like you that ruin things for the rest of us. Go look at your picture of your dead cat floating in water,maybe that would cheer you up.

Mistress and pet

You need lots of help little one. Just curious little one. What was the purpose of your first post? Was it your pathetic attempt at humor? Or What exactly are you trying to say? As I said, a case like yours would take more time than I can afford or have any desire to spend. I have wasted enough time on you little one. My space bar works just fine. Thats the best you can come up with?

Its obvious you have no clue in life. You will understand better if you ever do grow up. I notice you didnt answer what the purpose of your first post was? You dont know either. Just a lil one with a big mouth. All of this because a lady missplelled a word? I'm mistress and pet dylandoes. Is it really necessary to poke fun at others? Have you never misspelled a word? Get a life. Thank you for noticing my typo. I am sorry my typo upset you so much. It must be nice to have free time to check everyone's spelling. Did I use the apostrophe correctly? This will be my one and only response to you.

I ignore Ignorant people. I do feel very sorry for you and I wish you a wonderful life. You really do need one!! A few things to help you out. Everyone's - Referring to everyone's ownership of life therefore the word must be used possesslvely.

Ignore - transitive verb - to refuse to take notice of- to reject a bill of indictment as underground - ig-nor-able again look it up if you do not understand.

Mistress and pet

Ignorant - Uninstructed, untutored, untaught, illiterate, unlettered, uneducated mean lacking in knowledge or training. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general, unsophisticated. So it is obvious that you did not use it, which suggests a pompous disregard for readers which I p reflects your attitudes to potential subjects of your discipline.

Once again,little one shows his ignorance by spouting off that everyone else responding to this thread is ignorant but him. It is quite obvious he is a very strange and troubled little boy. Hopefully he has people that claim to know him and can get him the help he needs.

I love his claim he went to Cambridge. Might be time to put down your crack pipe. As I stated before I have already wasted enough time on you little one. You and all of your 3 months in Second Life. I will not respond to anymore of your childish ramblings. Fred said it best. Sadly his attempts at trying to feel superior are not confined to your posts alone. Early on it was almost amusing to see him trying so very hard to act as the self appointed forum guardian of grammar and spelling. But since it did not give him the attention and status he so desperately needs, he has now branched out to putting down anyone daring to ask a sl related question, and has aquired a new position as mistress and pet topic police.

What was once somewhat amusing, has now just become pathetic. The forums have become less enjoyable, less informative and much more toxic thanks to the jerk.

Mistress and pet

I love it when people don't believe the truth. It undermines any opinions they might offer on unascertainable viewpoints. Perhaps you are just envious though, given that your posting demonstrates that you might have had problems with English I would have thought you, of all people, would understand the concept of forum alts.

On the other hand, maybe you're not as smart as you like to think you are. I have to admit that it perpetually amuses me that both doms and subs have such problems in acknowledging true superiority, as mistress and pet to the fantasies they have spuriously concocted. Perhaps it's because I have the power, and I have no intention of transferring it. I used to explain to my students that the conventions of written language are not there for decoration. They are there to make your meaning clear to the reader, without making him work for it.

IOW, it shows respect for the reader and his time. Disregard for a basic convention such as spaces between sentences or ignoring capitalization and punctuation simply shows contempt for the reader. I would hold up an unbroken wall of text a student had written and ask him: "Would YOU want to to read this? And sentences, of course. It's easy!

Already have an ? in here.

Mistress and pet

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