Real snapchat teens

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Just like every other social media app, video game, and mainstream teenage interest, Snapchat has gotten some bad press. What came about from a trio of Stanford classmates nearly a decade ago changed the concept of social media forever. College friends Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy had no idea that their social media app would become the multi-billion dollar success that it is today. What they wanted to create was a social media app that rebelled against the traditional social media rules of storing and documenting every image posted.

They wanted their app to represent life for what it really is: moments that are fleeting and temporary. What I mean by this is that when we talk to each other, passing in the halls or just living out our lives, those moments disappear.

Real snapchat teens

Snapchat emulates that behavior and psychology. Snapchat is one of three products owned by Snap, Inc formerly Snapchat, Incan American tech and camera company founded by Spiegel and Murphy. The features are by far the most popular aspect of Snapchat. Ginn Stokes, a year-old university student has been using Snapchat since Filters allow you to alter your appearance by using the camera to change facial features for fun.

Video chat allows you to live video chat with your Snapchat friends, real snapchat teens to Skype and FaceTime. Snap: a picture or video you send through the app. Stories allow Snaps to stay up for 24 hours, and unopened Snaps are deleted after 30 days.

Stories: This is a gallery showcase of photos and videos that all of your Snapchat friends can see. They can also be put together with groups called a Group Storyallowing certain people to contribute Snaps into a Custom Story. There is now a Private Story feature as well where only people you choose can see it. Snapchat Score: This is basically a running tally of Snaps sent and received, friends added, stories you send, and any other activity on the app. Filter: Filters are overlays and special effects for your images.

There are tons to choose from and are added after you take the picture. Geofilters are uniquely deed to fit your location. These have become increasingly popular with businesses to help build awareness as well as special events like concerts. Snapchat Lens: These give you the option to add animations and other special effects to your photos and videos before you take the Snap.

Snapcode: Snapcodes are QR codes that you scan as another way to access features or add friends.

Real snapchat teens

You can create additional Snapcodes that link to personal websites or blogs. Memories: Instead of making everything temporary, this feature allows you to create an archive of your Snapchat posts.

Real snapchat teens

This is somewhat similar to Flashback Memorieswhich are anniversaries for your Snap Memories. Ghost Mode allows you to disable sharing your location. Bitmoji: Bitmoji is another product owned by Snap, Inc. With this feature, you can create an expressive cartoon avatar showing all types of moods and stickers that represent you. For media-interested Snapchat users, the news feature is quite popular. And most of the options such as Snap Map and who sees your stuff can be easily controlled.

The ability to socialize and customize your media can help make for a positive and educational entertainment source. All of these things that I view on Snapchat align with me and help real snapchat teens stay updated on the things I find interesting and reassuring.

One of the many things that teens can agree on is that there is a big disconnect with how parents tend to view their Snapchat use as part of their modern-day relationships. Why ask this question? This is why they are willing to brave any consequences to get their phone back.

Real snapchat teens

Stay non-judgmental and they will show you all the different sides of their friends. But be careful, no one actually wants to know everything about teenagers! At the end of the day, when they put their friends first and think their friends are the most important thing in their life, it is age-appropriate. So, why not? Give it a try and see how it goes. The apps and social media sites our kids use are always changing. Miranda Altice. Are you worried about real snapchat teens teen's Snapchat use? This is the ultimate guide to Snapchat for parents of teens. Learn all of the Snapchat lingo and terms, how it works, and insight from real teens on how and why they use Snapchat.

Snapchat Philosophy What came about from a trio of Stanford classmates nearly a decade ago changed the concept of social media forever. Don't have time to read now? Pin it for later: How Does Snapchat Work? View more articles from this author. Teens I Need Help! FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century.

Real snapchat teens

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